Around old Burbage the Second Time

Book written by John D. McNaughton on the brief History of Burbage in Leicestershire.

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miss nellie kirkham
Miss Nellie Kirkham.

mr len ward
Mr. Len Ward.

mr and mrs foster
Foster's Bakery in Windsor Street was at the rear of some thatched cottages almost opposite Strutt Road.

The three photographs illustrate how Mr. Foster kept up with the times by using the latest transport.

Those important people who delivered the bread are (top) Miss Nellie Kirkham, (middle) Mr. Len Ward and (bottom) Mr. and Mrs. Foster.

houses on windsor street in burbage shop on windsor street owned by mr n newcombe
Moving towards the top end of Windsor Street, the two blocks of houses seen in the above photograph stood about fifty yards or so down from the Sycamores Inn and on the same side. At the rear of these houses was a further row of three or four, but all these dwellings were demolished in the 1960's.

On the left hand side of Windsor Street, almost opposite the Sycamores Inn car park was a shop owned by Mr. W. Newcombe. The decoration of the shop shows the care taken to express feelings of jubilation by the Burbage people, and Mr. Newcombe in particular, in welcoming home the men of Burbage from the First World War.

mr newcombe outside his general store along windsor street in burbage
The general store of Mr. W. Newcombe, years prior to those victory trimmings being thought of. It was established around 1895 by Mr. Newcombe, seen in the photograph with his delivery cycle and rolled up apron, ready to take to the road. In the carrier basket is his son, W. J. Newcombe who, in later years, took over his father's business with his wife. John, the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Newcombe, joined the family business as soon as he was of age.

Trading ceased in 1979 and in 1982 John Newcombe took over alternative premises opposite the parish church, under the appropriate name of "Greens 'n Things", thus carrying on the family tradition.

The photograph was taken about 1908 and in it can also be seen the hosiery factory of Moore, Eady Murcott & Goode (whose fire appliance was man-handled down to deal with the fire at the cottage at the top of Lychgate Lane around 1912-14 when it was struck by lightning). The old factory is now called Britannia Buildings and houses a number of small businesses of light engineering type. The Building was used as a barracks during the Second World War.

the old cottages along coventry road
The old cottages along Coventry Road.

ladies and children in their sunday best along salem road
Turning right into Salem Road from Windsor Street we see the ladies and children of the road dressed in their Sunday best. The photograph was taken around 1910, but the occasion is not known, apart from the fact that a photographer was in the area. However, one can sense a tight-knit community from such a picture, a feeling somewhat lacking in these days. The photograph at the bottom of the page shows Sketchley Road probably in the early 1920's.

atherstone hunt meet at the three pots inn the three pots inn
Travelling back along Salem Road (in those early years known as Stepping Stone Lane) and turning right into Coventry Road (formerly Three Pots Road), we come to the end of this journey around Old Burbage at the Three Pots Inn.

The picture on the left shows an enthusiastic village gathering to see the Atherstone Hunt meet in 1908. The picture on the right was taken in the late 1920's or early 1930's. Although there was little traffic on the road in these years, there were many serious accidents at this road junction of Wolvey Road/Watling Street, simply because right of way had not been introduced. The only solution at that time was to post a motoring organisation patrol man to control what little traffic there was at this dangerous spot.


My sincere thanks and appreciation are expressed to all those friends and residents of the locality who have kindly assisted me in the production of this second booklet by giving information and/or loaning photographs.

In particular, I would acknowledge the co-operation and help of:

Rev. W. Grimwood, M.A., Rector of Burbage, for permission to inspect old records

Miss Mabel Kirby

The Late Mr. A. J. Scott and his family

Mr. John Kendall

Mr. W. A. Rivitt, F.R.C.O.

Kathleen and Roger Blomefield

The "Hinckley Times"

The "Leicester Mercury"

Elite Commercial Services, Burbage

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (Photographs).

Ferry Pickering, Hinckley

We should also remember and appreciate the photographers of the early years of this century who have made this photographic history possible. They were employed by old established Companies, and it is to these we owe thanks:

The "Hinckley Times" (John Baxter of Hinckley)

W. Pickering & Sons Ltd., Hinckley**

Raphael Tuck & Son Ltd.

Valentines of Dundee

Reproduction of the photographs in this booklet by Roger Blomefield, 9 Leicester Street, Bedworth, Nuneaton.


The First book in the series is Around old Burbage

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