Ghostly Hinckley Pub - The Union Inn

ghostly hinckley pub the union
Ghostly Hinckley Pub - The Union

Strange tales of mysterious footsteps, stifling perfume odours and shrill laughter emerging from the cellars have been told by the staff at the town's oldest hotel for many years.

The pub and its spirits date back to the 18th century, but the first recorded keeper from the county and local trade directories was William Palmer who was in residence from 1853-54. The pub was on a main coaching route and was frequented by highwaymen.

A mysterious man in a black coat and a tricorn hat is believed to haunt the cellar. Another eerie character dressed in an old overcoat and a flat cap has also been seen standing, perched at the end of the bar. A gentleman and a lady spirit have been seen together in the upstairs passage of the managers quarters.In total, as many as five ghosts walk the floors of The Union Inn. They are five harmless ghosts who enjoy playing pranks. They have been known to turn off the beer and the gas taps in the cellar.

In a previous refurbishment, a skeleton was removed from the cellar. A visiting workman had some work to do in the cellar. He got to the bottom of the cellar steps, stopped and shot back up the steps and out of the pub, returning to his employer. He was then ordered back to the job, refused and resigned immediately. What or who he saw was never discovered.

There have been numerous visits to the pub by groups interested in ghosts and psychic phenomena. The landlords daughter Sarah has grown up with and played with various ghosts. She has seen a lady regularly and described her to her parents.

During the First World War, the pub was used as a packing station for supplies for the troops. On one occasion, the security camera screens went totally blank and then clearly depicted ladies dressed in long clothes with aprons and head-scarves packing goods into boxes.

The screen then went totally blank again. After several minutes of this, the screens returned to normal. However, when the video was rewound no trace could be found of the ladies.

The bar staff are often aware of various presences. The area near the book case is often unnaturally cold and there have been occasions when staff have been tapped on the shoulder to find no-one behind them. There are regular occurrences of footsteps being heard along the passages when the building is closed and empty as well as those seen by the manager's family. Guests have seen a red glow in the corridor.

People regularly hear footsteps in deserted parts of the building. This is definitely a place where things go bump in the night.