Hinckley in Utah

Hinckley is a town in Millard County, Utah, United States, in the middle of the Sevier Desert

Hinckley in Utah USA
Hinckley in Utah

Irrigation water from the Sevier River, passing nearby, has been used to turn Hinckley into a farming oasis. The mountains that are common in Utah are seen only in the distance, and beyond the reach of the river, a severe desert prevails.

1876 Hinckley was first settled by Erastus F. Pack, a son of John Pack, the area was part of the LDS Deseret Ward and later became Bloomington.

1891 Bloomington was renamed as Hinckley and was made the Hinckley Ward, named after Ira N. Hinckley (1828-1904) who was an early Latter Day Saint leader of the Mormon faith.

George Theobald surveyed the town and divided it into 14 blocks of 5 acres each, the town occupies an area of five square miles.

1946 Hinckley was the cleanest town in Utah and won the 'Utah Centennial Cleanup' contest.

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