Earl Shilton and Barwell Photographic Archive

An archive of old family photos from Earl Shilton and Barwell


earl shilton and barwell photographic archive project team
The project team.

Welcome to the Earl Shilton and Barwell Photographic Archive, the impetus for the Photographic Archive arose in mid-2003 mainly driven by Rhianydd and her association with community projects. Being aware of the wealth of historical information contained within the many privately held photo collections and albums, and the knowledge that in many cases this information becomes lost after the demise of the owners, Rhianydd decided to save this treasure trove if at all possible.

Subsequently, Jim and Brannon were recruited to look after the technical stuff and later Patrick and Stanley joined the team as the pressure mounted.

2003 the group held a Local History Exhibition that was held at the Age Concern in Earl Shilton.

The first collection of images was published on CD at a launch function held at the Age Concern premises in Earl Shilton on 6th November 2005.

During 2007 further assistance with image scanning was provided by Liz Cunningham and Paul England.

The second collection along with a copy of the first, was published on 19th May 2007 at a Local History Exhibition, again at the Age Concern premises in Earl Shilton.

As photo collections and albums continue to be loaned, the team continues the task.


The images contained in the archive have not been modified or adjusted in any way other than some minor resizing to allow the display to be as large as practical. In some instances an enlarged view has been added where, due to the number of persons in the image, a large scrolling image allows for closer inspection. The images are mainly photographs with some newspaper cuttings and scanned documents. Loose photographs have been scanned individually. Photo' albums have been scanned page by page; for this edition individual images have been extracted electronically, from album pages, and reproduced as separate items. Duplication of some images occurs when different collections have copies of the same image. Entire collections have been included without any scrutiny or removal of specific images. Detail on image content has been added where the information is available; it has been derived from the contributor, the image or other sources. Source citation has been accepted by the authors of the archive in good faith and no responsibility for any inaccuracy is acknowledged. Should any inaccuracies or identities of individuals be observed the authors would be pleased to receive details. Corrections will be made to any further issues.

It is possible to copy the images, although as they have been compressed to allow for the maximum quantity to be held on the site, the quality will be poor. Genuine researchers can obtain higher resolution copies with the consent of the contributors. Contact with the authors can be established by the Contact form.

© Copyright of the images remains with the various contributors and use of the images for commercial purposes is entirely unauthorised without the explicit permission of the contributors.


The authors readily acknowledge the assistance provided by the following:

Special thanks to Liz Cunningham and Paul England for many hours helping with scanning.