Hinckley Police Station 1937

The second Police Station along Upper Bond Street in Hinckley

hinckley police station
Main entrance to the Hinckley Police Station.

12th November 1930 the county council standing joint committee stated that the existing Police Station and court were inadequate to requirements.

William Keay the county architect (previously done alterations to the Cottage Hospital) of Pick, Everard, Keay and Gimson had submitted plans for alterations to the Police Station and courthouse on Stockwell Head, but it was decided that a plan should be submitted for a new Police Station to be built on a more convenient site.

February 1931 the site of the Hinckley Tuberculosis Dispensary (Old Manor House) was chosen as a suitable location for the new Police Station to be built on.

May 1932 further steps were taken to use the site of the Hinckley Tuberculosis Dispensary.

During the latter part of 1936 the building of the new Police Station commenced. William Keay was kept on as the architect and the builders were Ottey and Clegg of Leicester.

17th April 1937 the new Police Station was formally opened.

The new Police Station commanded a prominent position being on the corner of Upper Bond Street and Hollycroft Road. The main entrance to the building is at the angle of the two streets and leads into a hall, connecting with the principal court. The large hall divides the Police Station from the courts and the court offices.

Local building materials were used where possible, the bricks were from Swithland slates and reconstructed granite.

The arms of the county are above the main entrance, a figure of Justice is over the magistrate's entrance and there is also a figure symbolising protection over the Police entrance. Mr J.H.Morcom of Leicester was selected as the sculptor of the coat of arms of the country and figures.

23rd April 23 1947 Catherine Godfrey had been recalled to duty during a severe gale to deal with a violent female prisoner, on the way to the Police Station she collided with a fallen tree and sustained fatal injuries.

July 2011 it was deemed that the Police Station was too big to meet the needs of the areas Police team and too expensive to run.

October 2012 the Police moved to the HMCS office which is the building that is situated between the Police Station and the Magistrates Court along Upper Bond Street.

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