St.Mary's Vicarage

St.Mary's Vicarage was a magnificent building, standing amid five acres of ground.

st marys vicarage
William Wigginton's drawing.

1866 The Architect William Wigginton of (3 Newman's Court, Cornhill) London drew up the plans for a new Vicarage.

1873 The Vicarage was built by Revd William Henry Disney, he used William Wigginton as the Architect. The contractors were John & William Harrold of The Borough, Hinckley (who would go on to build The Free Library in 1888). The building was an impressive looking Vicarage, standing amid five acres of ground. The cost of the building came to £1,150.

1875 The out offices and stabling were added which came to a cost of £350.

1886 New additions to the building were added which was a new porch and a larder. The Architect was William Bassett Smith of (Drummond Chambers, 10 John Street, Adelphi) London, who had previously done the enlargement of St.Marys Church and also alterations on The Holy Trinity Church. The contractors were John & William Harrold of Hinckley.

10th June 1913 The Empire Pageant was held at the Vicarage.

1928 The Vicarage was renovated to modernise the building.

1956 The Hinckley UDC (Urban District Council) purchased the Vicarage and moved the Council Surveyors Department to occupy the building. The building was renamed 'Argent House'.

1967 The building was demolished to make way for the building of the New Council Offices.

st marys vicarage vicar Empire Pageant
St.Mary's Vicarage, with Vicar. c.1905 (Top/Left), Empire Pageant 10th June 1913