Ashby Road Cemetery

Hinckley Cemetery opened in 1858 along Ashby Road.

Ashby Road Cemetery in Hinckley
Ashby Road Cemetery

1858 Wednesday 31st March Hinckley Cemetery opened up along Ashby Road with the consecration of the chapel and grounds by the Bishop of Peterborough. The Cemetery had just 3.5 acres of land that were laid out like a nicely laid out garden with trees and shrubs by a Mr F.Marriot from Weddington Lane, Nuneaton.

The two chapels were built in the early English Gothic style by Thomas and Stephen Orchard of Banbury with a cost of about £900. One of the chapels was intended for the use of Anglicans, the other for Nonconformist denominations. The contractors for the iron palisading and entrance gates were H.Tyler and Co. of Dudley Port.

A lodge was placed close to the gate for the ground-keeper to reside in. The complete cost that includes the site and buildings came to £2,500 which was borrowed by local commissioners.

On 4th April 1858 the first interment was of Maria Bedford, the three-month-old daughter of a framework knitter.

1884 Charlotte M.Brame was buried, she was a local Hinckley Author that wrote around 200 romantic novels during her lifetime of 48 years.

1896 the Cemetery was extended to a size of 5 acres.

1920 the old stone wall decoration at the back of the altar were removed from St. Mary's church (including imitation mosaic panels of the symbols of the Four Evangelists and a large brass cross), then installed in the Anglican chapel after its replacement in the Parish Church by Temple Moore's Peace Memorial.

1940s the Cemetery extended to a size of 14.5 acres.

1998 a scheme to build lavatories etc. in connection with the cemetery was announced.

2009 the Cemetery extended to a size of 19.5 acres.

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