The Buildings of Hinckley

Buildings that start with the letter O

Odeon Cinema 1936


Old Malt House

OLD MALT HOUSE New Buildings. From 1822 to 1841 probably the premises of Thomas Bass, maltster and veterinarian. From 1883 to at least 1886 the barracks of the Salvation Army. Probably occupied by Mellor and Bolesworth, boot manufacturers, from 1895-1900.

The Old Queen's Head


The Old Star Inn


Olympia Roller Skating Rink / Olympia Palace

OLYMPIA ROLLER SKATING RINK/OLYMPIA PALACE 1910 Mill Hill Road/Cleveland Street. Built 1910 and opened Saturday 20 July (advert and account of opening in Hinckley Times, 6 Aug 1910) as a large capacity hall holding over 1000, originally as a roller skating rink, with full orchestra in attendance. It was advertised as having 'the finest floor in the Midlands', 'full orchestra', 'entrance three pennies, skates nine pence', 'cycles stored free'. Although it was opened as a skating rink 'it may subsequently be turned into a picture palace if rinking falls off'. When completed it would be one of the largest, if not the largest, building in the district (Hinckley Times, 30 July 1910).

'Hinckley's new skating rink in the Mill Hill Road was informally opened on Saturday last, and has during the present week been satisfactorily patronised… The interior of the new building, which, by the way is now practically completed, is distinctly inviting in appearance.

Hinckley's new skating rink in the Mill Hill Road

Above: Interior shortly after opening in 1910

The floor space comprises no less than 1,350 square yards, and the skating area has been prepared to perfection. A gentleman who was participating in the fascinating pastime on Wednesday, was heard to remark that the floor was one of the finest he had ever skated upon - and he has had the novel experience of testing over 130 in various parts of the country… In addition to a café… there is a balcony capable of seating 200 people, from which an orchestra… discourses fascinating music, and there is, in addition a cloak room and all the usual offices. The interior of the building is gaily decorated, and everywhere suggests gaiety and comfort… Hinckley, in fact, is second to no other town of its size in its facilities for indulging in this healthy and modern form of amusement…' (Hinckley Times, Sat 6 Aug 1910).

In December 1911 the Olympia Palace opened in the building with pictures and variety, although this venture was short-lived as it was seemngly closed by 1912. It re-opened as a skating rink on Sat 29 Feb 1930 'after being used for many years as a factory - first for boots and shoes, and latterly for hosiery. Here a splendid maple floor, laid during the roller skating boom of 1910, ensures excellent skating - for those who can learn to skate' (Hinckley Times, 28 Feb 1930).

The building was largely burnt down in April 1931 by a huge fire, which also destroyed the adjoining premises of the Cleveland Hosiery Works, although the carving of 'A. D. 1916' survives above the door lintel.

The Outwoods

The OUTWOODS (Now Elm Tree Drive, Leicester Road). Described in 1976 as 'the last remaining Georgian property still remaining as a private residence in the Hinckley area'. Its façade dates from 1780, but the rear sections are said to be much older. It may at one time have been the residence of a Roman Catholic recusant family.

the outwoods in hinckley

At one time it was the farmhouse to one of the largest farming estates in south Leicestershire. Five bay, two-storey substantial brick farmhouse with projecting central bay crowned by a brick and stone pediment. The main doorway is also pedimented. Contains original oak-railed staircase of fine quality and other original fittings and features.

The Outwoods as shown on the 1889 Ordnance Survey

The Outwoods as shown on the 1889 Ordnance Survey

The house is shown, indistinctly, in the Illustrated Guide to Hinckley (1911). At LRO (12D43/in 131) is a plan of the house dated 1893. See detailed accounts with photograph at the time of its sale, in the Leicester Mercury, Sat 3 April 1976 and Sat Jan 8 1977 etc.

[Abbreviations: AAS - Associated Architectural Societies reports. HUDC - Hinckley Urban District Council. LRO - Leicestershire Record Office. NMR - National Monuments Record (Swindon). NRO - Northamptonshire Record Office. RCHM - Royal Commission on Historical Monuments for England. TLAS - Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological Society. VCH - Victoria County History]