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Hinckley Historian Magazine No.16 - Delving deeper into Documents

(How Hinckley Got the Strength of the Insurance Companies Around It)

The response to the appeals made for documents has been most pleasing and members of the group and anyone else who is interested may come to help investigate and process the material which we have received. Later this will be forwarded for safe-keeping to the Leicestershire Record Office.

Amongst the documents received have been a number relating to the Hurst family and the Ward family. One particular set of documents of interest relates to Stockwell or Stocked Head, much changed in the last twenty years and unrecognisable from a century ago. A series of documents relating to a house in Stockwell Head, with a slaughter house and stable, included an insurance certificate for the year 1852. Issued by the Sun Fire Office, Policy No. 1730102 related to Mr. Daniel Ward's property, Mr. Ward also being agent for the Sun Fire Office.

A comparison of premium and prices is interesting today. In 1852, property valued at £480 was covered by a premium of £1.3s. l0d. Of special note is the list of fire engines maintained by the company and also the warning to policy holders not to remove property insured by the company until fire should reach the house where it is deposited, trusting somewhat to providence.

More documents please - policies, probate and property pro-ceedings are all of interest.

The Editor

Author: Hugh Beavin

Written for: Hinckley Historian Magazine