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Hinckley Historian Magazine No.71 - Reflections on Retirement

My retirement as Editor of the Hinckley Historian inevitably prompted some thoughts on changes that have taken place since I first became Editor in 1977. That first edition, when we printed 120 copies priced 20p each, was a venture which was prompted by the research Local History Group members had made using the collection of material we had at John Cleveland College. Most of it had been given to the old Hinckley Grammar School by the late A J Pickering.

In the first edition, with six contributors and twenty - four pages, few thought we would still be publishing in the next century with thousands of pages and hundreds of articles produced, still reflecting Hinckley's local history after thirty - five years.

The seventy - one editions have each displayed a different cover and all but the first seven, which were drawn by Peter Foss, have been the work of Rose Allinson. I am particularly grateful for all the work she has done. Each cover has been a building or a scene in the area with the exception of the depiction of 'Snowy Mason' who retired as Stoke Golding's Baker. (No21 - Spring 1988). Many contributors saw their first articles in print in the Historian before going on to write more widely.

The Editor has received various letters over the years praising or criticising the content. There have been some orthographic monstrosities despite diligent proof reading. As Editor I have been careful to preserve the anonymity of certain persons mentioned, for example those who broke blackout regulations or were involved in cases in Hinckley Magistrates' Court.

In conclusion I should mention all the work of typing which the late Barbara Allinson carried out until the late 1990s. Since then my wife, Jill, has taken over that work as well as holding the post of Secretary of the Local History Group. My deep thanks to both these ladies who played such a vital role in the production of the magazine.

Thanks also to all the contributors to the 71 Hinckley Historians. I trust that many of you will continue to provide copy for our new Editor.

The Editor

Author: Hugh Beavin

Written for: Hinckley Historian Magazine