The Regent Club

The Regent Club had imposing and artistic appearance along Rugby Road

The Regent Club
The Regent Club during the 1950s

A plot of land was purchased along Rugby Road next to the new Regent Theatre and the architect chosen was Mr Hugh Carpenter of Palace Chambers, Leicester. The contracter was Mr A.Watkins and Sons of Riversley Road, Nuneaton.

1929 The Regent Club was built with an imposing and artistic appearance of the elevation, it was adjunct to the centre of Hinckley along Rugby Road.

The building was built of brick with artificial stone dressings along with reinforced suspended floors. There was also a large cellar which was 37ft long x 20ft wide with a heating chamber that adjoined forming the basements.

A 7ft wide corridor ran down the centre of the premises to a skittle alley which was 48ft x 27ft and had a concrete floor.

To the right there was a smoke room and bar that was 71ft long x 25ft wide, on the left the stewards house store, secretary's and other offices.

A billiard room of 43ft x 26ft adjoined giving enough room for three billiard tables along with the usual offices for ladies and gentlemen.

1st February 1975 £50,000 worth of damage caused to The Regent Club by a fire.

1990 The Regent Club, now renamed to The Regent House reopened after being gutted by fire and had to be largely rebuilt.

The Regent Club
1st February 1975 £50,000 worth of damage caused to The Regent Club, this was the main corridor onto Regent street.

Video Transformation of the Regent Club