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Campaigning outside Hinckley Cottage Hospital
Campaigning outside Hinckley Cottage Hospital

In 1948, in one swoop across the whole country, the new National Health Service came in and took over the small, voluntary run cottage hospitals. One of them was ours, here in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The NHS cannot produce a Deed of Transfer so, without proof, we are assuming that no money changed hands. This meant that the NHS took possession of Hinckley Cottage Hospital, even though the land it stands on along Mount Road, along with the beautiful Victorian built property, the equipment and all the beds were paid for by the working people and the rich families of our town.

Then for 68 years they proceeded to neglect our hospital. Although extensions were promised twice, they never were realised! Now the present CCG (West Leicestershire Clinical Commission Group) are telling us that the building is “no longer fit for purpose”. Its rooms are far too small to do anything with and they plan to move some of the services out to Sunnyside, which is the Ashby Road site, some will move into the Health Centre at Mount Road and the others are to be scattered around the local GP surgeries of Hinckley.

BBC Radio Leicester interview with Lynda Gibbs

The people of Hinckley have been cheated out of their hospital. We believe that the NHS owes our town for 68 years of neglect!

This group is working very hard to save our hospital by holding events and getting out to the people that matter, YOU!!! We would love to welcome like-minded people to join us.

This is a fight to the end!!

Public meeting

On the 28th April 2016 there was a public meeting that took place with the CCG at St. Marys Church, please Click Here to read more.

We need you we need your input and we need your help. If you want to be involved and you have any ideas that you think might be useful, then this is your chance to get involved. Come along have a chat and find out more about this active growing campaign. Meeting on Friday 1st July 2016 at 7pm-9pm at the Greyhound Inn along New Buildings in Hinckley.

Sign the Petition

Show your support by signing the petition at the followiong locations:

Time Date Location
10am - 2pm 3rd June 2016 Co-op, Wood Street, Earl Shilton
11am - 3pm 13th June 2016 Market Stall, Castle Street, Hinckley
11:45am - 28th June 2016 Hinckley Hospital, Mount Road, Hinckley
- 9th July 2016 Electrified Event, Hollycroft Park, Hinckley
10am - 2pm 20th August 2016 Brittania Centre, Castle Street, Hinckley

Permanent locations to find the petition


Earl Shilton

Online Petition

We have teamed up with '38 Degrees' for an Online Petition for those who can not get to one of the locations above to sign. This petition has no timelimit unlike the Government petitions that get ignored if thay do not reach 10,000 signatures within a short timescale.

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Past times

To read the history and see new and old photos of the Hinckley Cottage Hospital provided by Hinckley Past & Present who are one of our supporters.

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