St.Mary's School

St.Marys School was built in 1854 as a Sunday school along Station Road, Hinckley.

St.Marys School Station Road Hinckley
The original schoolroom of 1854.

St. Marys School was built in 1854 as a Sunday school by and for the parish church along Station Road, during August 1854 it was agreed that the Gothic style was chosen. The Architects and builders were Thomas and George Harrold who were known for uniting durability with economy along with chasteness of design. The budget for the building was £540 16s which included all the fittings, the money was raised by subscription.

17-Oct-1854 St. Marys School was formally open by Earl Howe of Gopsall, consisting of a large schoolroom (62' x 24') it was located what was then known as Westminster Square, near to Priest Hills which was to become Station Road in later years. The style of the building is in early Gothic with a bell gable in front.

07-Jan-1856 the school was inaugurated, the patrons were Earl Howe of Gopsall, the Dean & Chapter of Westminster, John Hayes and the trustees of the late Alderman Newton's Charity who transferred to it the green-coat school and its endowment. The master appointed was first class certificated, along with a mistress from the Home & Colonial Training Institution in London. The intention was to place this institution upon such an efficient and permanent basis which would be worthy of the importance of the town.

St.Marys School Station Road Hinckley
The bell tower of 1872.

04-May-1871 a meeting was held to consider the further expansion to the already overcrowded school of 250 children. A small piece of land between the school and Hunters Row (cottages) was to be bought from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to create a new school yard. £50 has been subscribed along with a further £20 pledge. A circular was issued to inviter further contributions.

May-1872 the plans which comprised of an additional wing for 200 children was proposed. It was originally intended to continue the present building by the side of what is now Station Road to the corner leading up to Hunters Row. Alterations to Station Road had forced the school trustees to change their plans, the new wing was now going to extend further in towards the church. The work was more than the original £200 estimated, the new figure came in at £350 instead.

Sep-1872 the work was underway, the wall was now to be built to enclose the land given by the Ecclesiastical Commissioner as a playground from the corner of Station Road to Hunters Row. A new wing was being added to the existing building to accommodate a total of 445 children, a new bell tower was also to be built.

Early 1893 Tenders were invited for more alterations to the school by Mr F.A. Maltby as Architect from Church Walk, Castle Street to be submitted by 05-Apr-1983.

1899-1901 Repairs, alterations as well as additions there were made by R.J & J Goodacre of 5 Friar Lane, Leicester (who built the first purpose built Hinckley Grammar School in 1894). The work consisted of two new classrooms, cloakrooms, lavatories, a store room and changes to the elevation of the tower. The building work would accommodate a further 120 children and cost £820.

1930 Alterations to the school were made by Architect J.Walker of Heaton & Walker.

11-May-1995 there were celebrations held at the school to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the first primary school in the town, the National School in Grimms Lane which was built in 1820. St. Marys School was the successor.

During the year of 1998 and 2002 more building work along with some major extensions were done.

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