Station Road, Hinckley

Station Road starts at the Railway Station and goes along to the Market Place in Hinckley.

station road hinckley
Station Road from the Market Place, about 1872, with the Globe Inn to the left.

Station Road starts at the Railway Station and goes along to the Market Place in Hinckley. The road was widened and given the name of Station Road during the 1870s.

1871 The Local Government Board purchased fourteen run-down houses, which some of them had a frontage onto the Market Place and the others onto Queens Square.

The local townsfolk felt that the buildings were among some of the oldest houses in the town, and with only a few other exceptions, these were the only trace of ‘Old Hinckley’. The photo to the right shows the buildings shortly before their destruction.

12th December 1871 the old houses were sold as just building materials for a total of £61 16s by Harrold and Clarke. The next day they were demolished. The widening of Station Road now began, with the Midland Railway Company contributing £100 to the process.

Video Transformation of Station Road.

1873 The Leicestershire Banking Company began building their new premises on the prominent corner site at the junction of Station Road and the Market Place where the old buildings were pulled down.

1890 A building for Parsons, Sherwin & Company Ltd. was built. Their business was Agricultural machinists, constructional ironworkers, ironmongers and merchants etc.

1900 London and North Western Railway Company still owned Station Road.The Hinckley Urban District Council did not like sending its men and their water cart along Station Road unless the railway company contributed to the cost. There was more wear and tear on Station Road than almost all the other streets in the town put together. If the road was taken over it would cost the council £100 per year to keep it in repair.

26th May 1900 There were meetings to discuss whether the Hinckley Urban District Council would purchase the road outright.

Some of the buildings along Station Road:

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