Hinckley Swimming Baths

The Hinckley Swimming Baths built in 1910 along Station Road

Construction of Hinckley Swimming Baths, Station Road
The construction of Hinckley Swimming Baths c.1910

June 1908 The proposed plans for the Swimming Baths were approved by the Hinckley Urban District Council with an estimated building cost of £2,650. The Swimming Baths were to be 75ft by 25ft which would hold approximately 60,000 gallons of water. There was also to be dressing boxes on either side of the main swimming hall and 4 slipper baths.

March 1909 Council Surveyor E.H. Crump submitted some plans and estimates for the Swimming Baths. The Plan was to have an entrance at the rear of the Council Offices that lead from Station Road. The Swimming Bath room was to be 90ft by 40ft, it was to be provided with all the usual fittings, such as dressing boxes on either side of the baths, a diving stage, spring board as well as some steps leading down into the water. There would also be four slipper baths to be provided along with a boiler house and laundry. The estimate of the proposed Swimming Baths would come to a cost of £2,349.

The contractor selected was George Greaves of Hinckley. Once the Swimming Baths were completed the total cost which included purchasing the land came to £3,200.

17 March 1910 The official opening of the baths took place by the Councillor Thomas Aucott who was the Chairman of the Council.

19th March 1910 The Hinckley Times reported on the opening of the Swimming Bath which read:

Hinckley Swimming Baths Hinckley Swimming Baths
Hinckley Swimming Baths

The new baths are amongst the most up-to-date in the county. The main entrance is from the Station Road, and is ornamented on either side by trees and shrubs. On entering the building visitors pass through a registering turnstile controlled by the attendant from his office, and thence to a waiting room, from which entrance can be obtained to either the swimming bath or the slipper baths. Each of the latter, of which there are four, is 6ft. by 8ft., and is provided with hot and cold water... The slipper baths, waiting room and lobbies, are heated by means of radiators and steam pipes.

Swimming instructor Ted Ellis being interviewed
Swimming instructor Ted Ellis being interviewed.

The swimming bath... is provided with all the usual fittings, such as dressing boxes on either side, lavatory accommodation, hot and cold water shower bath, drinking fountain, diving stage, spring board, and steps leading into the water. Each dressing box is about 3ft. 9in. square, and between the boxes and the bath is a 4ft. concrete gangway, which is admirably drained so as to keep practically dry. The bath is 6ft. 6in. at the deep end, and 3ft. 6in. at the shallow end, and holds 59,000 gallons of water. The diving stage and spring board are at the deep end of the bath, where the gangway is something like 9ft. wide... The water is heated by high pressure steam from the deep end, while at the shallow end there is an ingenious spray arrangement which forces the accumulating scum into a trough at the deep end. As the spray is brought into operation each morning the perfect cleanliness of the bath is assured. The bath is lighted by lantern lights and skylights in the roof. These restrictions were insisted upon, together with no exits or entrance from either side but from the Station Road, by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, from the whom the Council purchased the land.

Under the gangway at the deep end of the bath there is a commodious subway in which the majority of the pipes and the calorifier for supplying hot water to the slipper baths are situated.' Also laundry, boiler house with 18ft. by 6ft. boiler 'and there is also provision for the heating of the Council Offices and Free Library in course of time'.

The whole of the building has been carried out by Mr. George Greaves, the well-known local builder, the heating apparatus, including boiler, piping, pump, and calorifier, by Thomas Bradford and Co. of Manchester, who are experts in this special branch of work, having carried out the installation in the principal public baths in the country, the painting by Mr W. Porter of Hinckley, and the gas fitting by the Council's gas department, under the superintendence of Mr. F. Lee.

March 1928 Extensions to the baths were done which included a ladies dressing room, kitchen accommodation and a new floor for dancing.

10th July 1977 Swimmers got their first chance to take the plunge in the new swimming pool at the Leisure Centre on the corner of Coventry Road and Trinity Lane.

2nd December 1977 The old baths in Station Road were demolished to make way for the new St. Mary's car park.

Hinckley Swimming Baths Hinckley Swimming Baths
The demolision of the Swimming Baths with the prurification filter tanks awaiting collection.