The War Memorial

The War Memorial was built in 1922 on part of Hinckley Castle for those who died during World War 1

The Hinckley War Memorial
The unveiling of the Hinckley War memorial

During 1920 the site of Castle Hill (part of Hinckley Castle) was acquired from the Co-operative Society. By the end of the year an Architect had been commissioned by having the best design of all that had been submitted. The Architect was John Alfred Gotch from Gotch and Saunders of Kettering.

12th November 1921 the foundation stone was laid.

20th May 1922 the war memorial was unveiled by Colonel R.E.Martin and dedicated by the Bishop of Peterborough.

The War Memorial shows 384 men’s names from Hinckley alone who died in the Great War of 1914-1918. The carving and erection of the stone work and also the engraving of the tablets was carried out by Morris & Sons of Kettering. Lance Corporal John Hall and Sergeant William Merrick are just a couple of the many names added to the tablets. Along the bottom of the war memorial the text reads 'The names of those who have their lives in the Great War'. The War Memorial is in a semi-circular area enclosed by the castle earthworks.

World War 1 Memorial Hinckley
War Memorial c.1923

The octagonal ashlar column is on a stepped base, which is surmounted by a bronze statue of a robed angelic figure with both arms outstretched with is the Angel of Mercy. The outstretched hand of the bronze statue (Allan G. Wyon of St. Johns Wood, London) casts a shadow, which falls exactly onto the memorial cross at the 11th hour of the 11th month. Around the column there is text that reads 'To keep in mind those from this place who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919'.

The Statue faces a flight of step up to an ashlar wall with a central cross with three copper panels each side. The panels have the names of the fallen, all beneath an entablature which originally was topped by an urn at each end. On either side of the memorial are two-bay wing wall with a balustrade upper section.

11th November 1951 additional panels were added bearing the names of the people of Hinckley who lost their life during World War II.

31st July 2014 Private Sydney Dale's name was added to a plaque on the Hinckley War Memorial along with a short service to commemorate the occasion.

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