The Billiard Hall

The Billiard Hall built in 1915 along Station Road in Hinckley

The Billiard Hall Hinckley
The Billiard Hall in 1970

14th August 1915 Hinckley's new Billiard Hall opened in Station Road (where the toilets are today, opposite The Post Office) and was also on the right of Crick Car Sales which was next-door and then the entrance to the Swimming Baths. There were 14 billiard tables. At the opening Mr W. Holt gave an interesting demonstration of how to play billiards.

The Billiard Hall was owned by Amos Taylor of Burnley and was part of a chain of such establishments, the Hinckley Billiard Hall had a total of fourteen billiard tables within the building.

The fa├žade of the Billiard Hall featured an elaborate entrance with segmental pediment bearing a legend and foliate decoration.

Early 1973 the Billiard Hall was demolished.

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