Hinckley City in Minnesota

Hinckley is a city in Pine County, Minnesota, United States, located at the Junction of Interstate 35 and Minnesota State Highway 48.

Hinckley City in Minnesota USA
Hinckley City in Minnesota

The Ojibwe Indians were the first people to settle the Hinckley area, they trapped and hunted on the land and traded furs at the Mille Lacs and Pokegama trading posts.

When the European settlers came to the Hinckley area, it was a heavily forested area with thick forests of white pine, which was some of the largest in the state.

1869 The first railroad arrived in Hinckley, which began a logging and railroad expansion.

1870 Hinckley Township was named after Isaac Hinckley (1815-1888) who was the president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad.

1885 Hinckley was originally founded as the Village of Central Station. Surrounding Hinckley Township was known as Central Station by the railroads because of its position halfway between the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior as well as the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

1st September 1894 The Great Hinckley Fire killed more than 400 people in a firestorm wiping out Hinckley and many north-eastern Minnesota towns - After a two-month summer drought and combined with very high temperatures, several small fires started in the pine forests. The firestorm was so devastating that it lasted only four hours but destroyed everything in its path. After the fire, the burned stumps of the forests were cleared to take advantage of the now nutrient-rich soil. Hinckley's recovery would now hinge on agriculture.

1907 The village was re-incorporated as the City of Hinckley.

1992 - The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe opened Grand Casino in Hinckley.

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