Hinckley Township in Ohio

Hinckley Township is one of the seventeen townships of Medina County, Ohio, United States, located in the northeast corner of the county.

Hinckley Township in Ohio USA
Hinckley Township in Ohio

1795 - A Judge called Samuel Hinckley purchased the Township from the Connecticut Land Company.

1818 - A Hunt took place after area settlers got fed up with predators from the surrounding woods eating their livestock. Hunters surrounded a large wooded area and advanced, firing their guns and forcing their game into the centre of the area. According to historical records, the hunt netted 300 deer, 21 bears and 17 wolves, as well as hundreds of turkeys, foxes and raccoons. This was more than enough to feed the settlers through the winter and the remains of the slaughtered animals froze and were well preserved until the spring, when they thawed and attracted the Buzzards.

1831 - The Judge, Samuel Hinckley travelled from Massachusetts to collect on the land he had sold. In return for naming the township after him, he gave 2.5 acres in the centre of the township for a Public Square and two burying grounds which were 1.5 acres each. This was just a small amount of the total 160 acres that he originally agreed.

1846 - A Library was built in the centre of Hinckley, a Greek revival style was chosen of a small white clapboard house.

1862 - A wooden farmhouse was built by the Worden family called the 'Worden Heritage Homestead'.

1957 The town began celebrating the arrival of the Buzzards. On March 15 of every year, buzzards arrive in large flocks at the town, today the event is known as "Buzzard Day" and is used to mark the beginning of spring for Hinckley and the surrounding towns.

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